Julien Discrit

Born in Épernay in 1978, France.
Works and live in Paris.

Julien Discrit has a master degree in fine arts he passed in 2004 at ESAD of Reims, France.
Before studying visual arts, he went to university and got a 2 years-degree in geography.

As geography tries to describe the world – or gives a possibility to represent it – it forms an important source of reflexion for Julien Discrit. His researches could be resumed as an attempt to give a shape to discrepancy, ambiguity and paradoxes that occurs between the map and the territory. His works, videos, installations and performances allude to physical or imaginary spaces and try to reach a dialectical tension between what is visible and what stays hidden. The way we experience time is also essential in his works, noticely through narrative experiments, in this way Julien Discrit tries to defines a new cartography that invents rather than just describes the world.

Julien Discrit has participated to several solo shows and group shows, as Insofar as possible, Thomas Henry Ross gallery in 2014, The Interval, Maison populaire de Montreuil, France in 2013, La Biennale de Lyon 2011, Entre-Temps at the Minsheng Art museum in Shanghai, Diagrams in 2010 at Martine Aboucaya Gallery, Paris, and La consistance du visible in 2008, 10th Ricard Foundation Prize, Paris.

Thomas Dupouy

Born in Versailles in 1981, France.
Works and live in Montreal, Canada.

Thomas Dupouy has first studied graphic design before he left for ESAD (art and design school) based in Reims, France, where he passed a master degree in fine arts in 2009.

Thomas Dupouy works on the light and mostly moving boundaries between sound art and the contemporary art scene. His researches are essentially based on emission/reception duet focusing on figurative and timing issues. Regardless it is installations, sculptures or works in 2D, his pieces are linked with the very nature of sound and the way we listen to it. Thus, they’re literally experimental.

Thomas Dupouy’s works has been shown in several exhibition, including Chapelle in FRAC Champagne-Ardenne in 2012, Livret I at Galerie Schleicher+Lange Paris in 2011 and La musique est quelque chose que produit votre esprit, in St-Exupéry art center in Reims in 2009.



Both artist have collaborated with Ulla von Brandenburg and Laurent Montaron Purple perfumes of the Polar sun, a musical project about synesthesia, and performed in Stuk, Leuven, Belgium and Centre Georges Ponpidou, Paris in 2009, South London gallery in 2011 and Teatro Valle in Rome, in 2013.

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